In recent times while scrolling through social media sites I came across few photos/posts tagged with #TurmericLatte. I presumed it to be some drink served at cafes in the west. One day while reading news online the same name again poped up, running down the news content I was surprised to know that "Turmeric latte" is something that has been served at all Indian households from time unknown.

"Haldi Doodh", yes you read it right, it's the haldhi doodh which was often given to us while falling sick. I still remember in my childhood how my mom would come running with Haldi doodh while having fever,cold, cough, digestive problems, pimple burstouts .....(few names I can think off). Haldhi doodh was the saviour for all dieases. While adopting to the western culture we have left behind the rich Indian culture. The forgotten household drink form India have suddenly become the most preferred and hot drink in the west.

Though Turmeric latte is different from our haldhi doodh with extra ingrediants and usage of fruit or nut milk, the base product remains the same. Handli doodh or the golden milk is excellent to improve our general immunity against a lot of diseases.

Eagerly waiting to see this wellness drink served at Indian cafes !!!