How to crack frequently asked question in an interview "Tell me about yourself"?

This is usually the first question asked in an interview because it lets the interviewer know more about you and acts as an ice breaker. While replying for this question you should make it a point that you don’t offer useless information like your non-technical hobbies and too much of your personal life. You should concentrate on more about your past professional/Technical experience.

For example, if you start with I am 35 year old mother with 3 children and my hobbies include cooking, gardening .........", this information will not be of any relevance to the interviewer. A good answer this would be about your professional skills and accomplishments or about your project (if you are a fresher). Start with your educational background and various positions you have held in your past companies. Tell about your area of expertise and your personal traits with an example of how it helped you to achieve something at work of college. I would suggest not to go with common phrases like "I am a good team player" or "I have excellent communication skills" as you would not be able to prove it in the interview, instead you can tell them about some complicated projects which you have handled and what qualities in you helped to solve it. If you are fresher without any experience in IT field then you can tell them how you were attracted to computers since childhood, throughout your school and college life how your friends used to ask you for help with their computer which eventually led you to pick up computer for graduation. Even in Graduate school how your came across various associations like IEEE, College associations and how it has influenced you. At the end let the interviewer know how your experiences will help you to be an asset to his company.

All the best with your interview!!

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