I was an introverted, hardworking Dev who always struggled to complete the tasks assigned, within the stipulated time. Those tasks were not balanced, I was overloaded always and this always leads to extending my daily working hours.

I worked in a service company where I supposed to log 9.5 hours daily but eventually ended up spending more than 12 hours a day.

Quite frustrating but day by day I became an expert in what I am doing there. But repeated tasks prevented me from exploring and learning new things. Eventually, I forced to continue the traditional methodologies and technologies.

Finally, I decided to switch my career!

And the first question is, "what I have now ?"

I should have something to showcase to change my career. Be it a project, or a working model or some advanced level knowledge.

"What you have ?" I asked myself.


Since my relevant domain experience won't help to pursue a career in Machine Learning, Yes ! that is the place next I wanted to grow up.

4 months later, I completed a course in machine learning from Stanford University in machine learning.

How it's worked for me?

  • I spotted a web portal which offers high-quality courses through online training - Coursera.
  • I choose the machine learning coursed there, taught by Prof. Andrew Ng; who was one among the founder of the portal and faculty in Stanford University.
  • The course created by the Stanford University; so I didn't have a second thought to enroll in

How did I manage my time?

  • You and I have 24 hours per day.
    • Agree with me, you have no other choice.
  • I used to spend nearly 12 hours in my office.
    • I can't spare my office time for other activities otherwise my boss will fire me.
  • I used to spend nearly 2 hours for daily commutation (Metro rail, Office cab, and motorcycle).
    • Yaay... Here I got some time to watch videos/training sessions. Especially while traveling in metro and cab.
  • I started woke up at one hour early than my usual time
    • 7.15AM ----> 6.15 AM
    • Pheww I lied to you, I do a snooze at 6.15 and woke up at 6.30 and start my day by doing the assignments or watching videos till 7.30AM
  • Weekends I started using more efficiently.
    • Instead of waking up at 11 AM, I woke up early morning at 8.30 AM and started doing things.
    • I drank very less, I never drank more than 3 bottles of beer so I could make sure that I won't have any hangover next day.

Finally what happened to me?

I successfully completed the course at Stanford and I was continuing my old job.
I started looking for the new opportunities, tried in different companies but failled to get a job in AI/Machine Learning domain.
Finally, I got a better offer but that is based on my domain experience.
And I have to accept that since I didn't have any other choice to move further.
I mentally prepared to do the same tasks again which I have been doing for the last 4-5 years,

And the twist is...

I joined my new company, soon after 6 months, I was able to make a department switch. Now I work in a different domain; close enough to Machine Learning.

Turning Points

  • Realized, I don't have anything to show for my career switch
  • Enrolled in Courseera
  • Changed my company, waited until the opportunity I wanted to be in.
  • Came out from my comfort zone
  • Showcased my new employer, I am good at what I am doing and I make them believe that I will be too good at the new career and they allowed me for the final switch.

That's it!