We are living in an era where we can connect with the whole world using internet, we can remain close to our friends/relatives even staying miles apart. Social Medias has really brought us closer, helps us to explore places and share experiences. In midst of all digital pleasure of life are we getting disconnected with the real world.

While travelling recently in public transport system, it started raining heavily. I was carefully observing the people seated around, everybody was busy with their smart phones checking the latest update on rains from their social circles but nobody bothered to look outside the window and enjoy the rains. I could hardly find 4-5 people who were actually enjoying the nature's drizzles. Are we heading to virtual world leaving behind the real world?

I would like to share one more incident which made me give it a deep thought. I was having lunch with my friend one day, he was busy with his smart phone throughout the lunch, I was done with my lunch in around 20 minutes and was waiting for his to finish, mean time I was also scrolling through the social media feeds. After sometime he asked me if I was done with lunch, to be approximate he asked me around 15 minutes after I had finished my lunch. I was upset and shouted at him that you should better enroll yourself at deaddiction center.. SOCIAL MEDIA DEADDICTION center. After coming back home I had a deep thought about the incident. Are we really moving towards a world where we would need such deaddiction centers to resist ourselves from social media.

Are social media deaddiction centers going to be a reality in near future???