While working with website development it becomes necessary to clear browser cache so that new changes in site gets reflected in site if the old data is cached in your web browser. Old data can be cleared by clearing browser cache, please find the below steps to clear browser cache

  1. Chrome
    a) Click on the spring icon on top right
    b) Click on "More tools" > "Clear Browsing data"

Shortcut: Ctrl + Shit + Del

  1. Mozilla
    a) Click on hamburger icon on top right
    b) Click on "Options" or "Preferences" > "Privacy & Security"
    c) Click on "Clear history button"
    d) Click on "Clear Now" Button
    Shortcut: Ctrl + Shit + Del

  2. IE11
    a) Click on Tools menu in meus section
    b) Click on "Delete browsing history"
    c) Click on Delete
    Shortcut: Ctrl + Shit + Del


  1. Safari
    a) Click on "Safari"Menu on Top left
    b) Click on Clear history
    c) Select "All history" from select box and click on "Clear history" button
    Shortcut: Ctrl + Shit + Del


Hope this helps !