Are you thinking of quitting your 9AM to 5PM job and pursuing your passion for travelling. Think before doing so as your decision can be destructive.

With the increase of social media highlights on pleasures of travelling, how people are rediscovering themselves, I have seen some people who were naive travelers bored of their 9 AM to 5 PM jobs decided to quit their job and travel without much background check and thinking regarding the consequences.

They travelled around the world for a few months, enjoyed their travel till they emptied their pockets.

After coming back their all comforts are gone, their loved ones have already started forgetting them. In the midst of all these they are desperately in need of new job to meet their needs.

But with the current market scenario it’s difficult to find a job if there is a career break without any reason. They have been hunting for jobs for quit a long time and still unable to find one.

I am not the right person to tell you that you should or should not quit your job to travel. Each and every person is different and different ways will work for each one of them, but wanted to make you rethink and research before making such decisions.

And remember not to get influenced by the posts/pics you see on social media. Social media always shows the brighter part, other side is never shown.

There is nothing wrong in going for a holiday !

Finally, there are people who shown the world they took the correct decision by quitting their job. Yes, they were well planned and played well. They must have sponsors for their entire journey. Observe those social media accounts then you will get to know that they in some other promoting their sponsor !

Image Courtesy - memolition[dot]com