Neelakurinji is a shrub found in western ghats of south India which bloom once in 12 years. Neelakurinji as the name suggests "Neela" stands for blue and "kurinji" stands for "Special". Neelakurnji has total of around 250 species out of which 46 are found in India, many of these species have varying blooming cycles which can continue up to 16 years. They are found in various shades of blue and white.

Nilgiri's gets it name from Neelakurinji which literally means blue mountains, though the human encroachments in the western Ghats have impacted the growth of Neelakurinji many campaigns and programs have been initiated to save and preserver the wonder flower.

Neelakurinji are seen in Palakkad and Idukki districts of Kerala, Kodiakanal in Tamil Nadu and Bellary district of Karnataka. Last blooming of Neelakurinji was recorded in 2006, meaning the next blooming period is in 2018. In few places of western Ghats Neelakurinji has already started blooming !!!

Do not miss this chance to visit this wonder flower, Pack your bags and plan for a trip in midst of the beautiful blue mountains.

Idukki district tourism promotion council launched an Android application called "Neelakurinji 2018" dedicated for tourists who intend to visit Munnar,Idukki.

Click here to download the app.

Pic Courtesy: keralatrips[dot]co[dot]in