Now a days all sites are being cached with multiple caching mechanisms to improve the site performaance. Below are few quick reference for identifying caching mechanisms while working on drupal sites

Types of Cache

  • Akamai
  • Varnish
  • Memcache
  • Drupal
  • Ytes
  • Page
  • Views
  • Block
  • Browser

Each of the above has its own TTL timing and performance impact when clearing.

For bypassing Akamai caching locate the origin Domain and view the content. For example prepend origin- before the www. This will bypass the Akamai and pull content directly from Server.

You can easily identify if the content was cached by Akami or X-varnish by checking the X-Varnish response header. If request has two IDs, then the it came from Varnish cache. The first number is the current request ID and The second one is the ID of the request that populated the cache. Check the Via header for something like Via: 1.1 varnish. This means the request came from Varnish cache.

Hope this information helps you.