Saving user names and passwords is really a nightmare.
As the number of online services we are using increases it'll become very difficult to remember the passwords including the user names.

The most common mistake people make is they use the same passwords for everything. Because it's easy to remember and irrespective of the online application they can try a common password to login all services including banking. This is not recommended. If you leak any of the online login information people can easily target other accounts and easily hack your online accounts

Here are few tips to create strong passwords and how to securely store them.

Making of a strong password

Always use upper case , lower case , numbers and special characters mixed in your pass "word"

For eg if you want to use the word "apple" as your password. Then try something like this;


At a glance it'll read as apple but congratulations you have made a strong password.

Likewise you can convert any of your favourite words in to strong passwords..

If you're not interested in this method then try online password generator tools which can create you meaningless strong passwords.

storing passwords in browser

Most of the popular brwsers provides an option to create an account and store passwords in cloud.

For chrome you can sign in with your Google account.
For firefox you can create a firefox account and this will be securely stored in cloud.

The main advantage of this method you can securely access your password/login information from any device. Provide you have sign in to your browser account in that device.

storing passwords in secret servers

This is mostly for the entreprise users. Thycotic is one of the popular secret server which Protect the privileged accounts with enterprise-grade
Privileged Access Management solution available
both on premise or in the cloud.