When the world suffered because of Kovid-19 a group of people really benefitted from an opportunity given by their company.

It's nothing but the work from home (WFH) option.

Here is some benefits these people earned during this time.

  • Saved the time to commute to office and back home.
  • Fuel cost or transportation expenses.
  • No more grooming or make-up reqiured for most of them. Unless you are forced to turn on your video camera in group video conference.
  • More time to focus on work if you are workholic
  • Smart people will find a lot of time in between these WFH schedules and can spend their time for something else.
  • No need to iron the clothes, polish the shoes.
  • No more lunch cooking in early morning.
  • Sleepy babies can sleep till the office start time.
  • Those who wake up early will get a lot of time.