Here comes the 3rd recipe from granny’s Kitchen... and its Aloe Vera Curry!!.

You all must be aware of the health benefit’s of Aloe Vera. Its rich in natural nutrient and fiber. It has many benefit’s for cleansing, internal healing and repair.

So if you have Aloe Vera growing in your gardens then grab some leaves and server it with Lunch or Dinner.



  1. 6 leaves of Aloe Vera
  2. Salt (to Taste)
  3. Turmeric (1/4 spoon)
  4. Onion (4 big onion)
  5. Chili (2 pieces)

Steps for preparation

  1. Peel off the skin from Aloe Vera and take the jelly
  2. Mix Aloe Vera jelly with salt and keep it aside for 15 mins (This reduces the sourness of Aloe vera)
  3. Take out the jelly and wash it in water. Drain of the excess water using a filter
  4. Add oil to the pan and add the jelly
  5. Heat it till it turns golden from edges
  6. Add onions and chili and fry it till onions turn golden brown
  7. Add turmeric (1/4 spoon) and salt to taste

Curry can be served with Rice Chapatti’s or bread.

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If you dont have Aloe vera leafs handy with you at home then you can access the below links for door delivery of leaves