Gooseberry jusice with Turmeric AKA nellika juice

After penning down my previous article on Turmeric Latte, I was introspecting on how Westerns cafes have revived our old household drink
to a most popular drink. Does our rich traditional food style restrict to few items like turmeric latte, brown rice??

No right, there is big list of food practices followed in India which is nutritionally rich. I wanted to share similar nutritionally rich juice made of Amla(Gooseberry) and Turmeric. This Juice is famous for controlling diabetes as it is rich in chromium. It combines benefits of both turmeric and Amla(Gooseberry).
This juice was childhood favorite of mine as it tastes good when served chilled with few lemon drops.

Now let’s come to the health benefits,

Amla(Gooseberry) is good for hair growth, controls cholesterol levels, improves skin health, enhance eyesight, controls aging......

Turmeric is an Antidepressants, helps to cure cold, cough, improves skin health, works as natural pain killer .......



  1. Gooseberry(Amla) - 4 pieces
  2. Turmeric Powder - 1/4 spoon
  3. Water - 1.5 glass
  4. Salt
  5. Lemon juice - 1/2 spoon


  1. Grind Amla, turmeric and salt (as per taste) along with water in mixer grinder
  2. Chill the juice in refrigerator
  3. While serving add lemon juice and mix it well

Hope you will try this nutritionally rich juice :)