With the expanding economies all over the globe translation has become the key factor to draw attention of consumers spread across the world. Google provides services to translate the entire website over 100 languages. If you are looking at translating your drupal website to different language’s then GTranslate module provided by Drupal is best fit for your requirement. GTranslate module integrates google translation to your website, you can enable translation with the steps listed below

  1. Download GTranslate from https://www.drupal.org/project/gtranslate

  2. Enable GTranslate module in your site from admin/modules page

  3. Go to admin/settings/gtranslate and configure your settings, select look and the default language

  4. Go to admin/structure/blocks and enable GTranslate block in one of the region

  5. Configure block for the pages in which it should be displayed in the pages section

Now in the pages listed in block configuration you will get the translate option.