Drush provides useful commands to perform various activities on drupal sites, these commands are handy and help us to complete the tasks from command line. Following are few of the drush commands which will be useful for daily activities

  1. git en {my_module} : Helps to enable modules
  2. git dis {my_module} : Helps to disable modules
  3. drush fr {feature_name} -y : Helps to revert feature from command line
  4. drush cc all :Helps to clear all caches in Drupal
  5. drush cc menu : Helps to clear menu cache
  6. drush cc css-js : Helps to clear CSS and js cache
  7. drush sqlc : Helps to access the mysql from command line
  8. drush sql-query "truncate cache" : Delete data from cache tables
  9. drush vset {variable_name} {value}: Sets Drupal variables
  10. drush updb : Update Drupal database

Hope this helps !!!!