Drupal stores the site data in cache table so a to improve performance. It speeds up the page load time as the query requests to database tables are minimized, but many a times while developing sites it becomes necessary to clear cache to reflect your changes.

Drupal caches can be cleared using the following 3 methods

  1. Clear cache from Drupal configuration.
  2. Clear cache using command line.
  3. Clear cache from database tables.

Let's check each option.

1) Clear from Drupal configuration

     a) Go to Admin > Configuration 
     b) Go to Development > Performance 
     c) Click on "Clear all caches" button 


2) Clear using command line

     a) Drupal 7 - In Drupal 7 you can clear caches using following command 
 <pre>drush cache-clear all</pre> or <pre>drush cc all </pre>
     b) Drupal 8 - In Drupal 8 you can clear caches using following command 
 <pre>drush cache-rebuild</pre> or <pre> druah cr </pre>
 In Drupal 8 along with clearing cache it reboots and rebuilds the site 

3) Clear from database tables

Caches can be cleared from database as well, please find the steps to clear cache from database.
a) For this open phpmyadmin
b) Select your database
c) Select all tables which has "cache_" as prefix
d) Truncate all database tables